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Feb 14, 2011 12:30am EST
president obama talks about the budget and education. we will also have reaction from the pentagon, the white house budget office, and members of congress. on tuesday, the house is expected to start debate on a bill that proposes a broad reductions in fiscal year 2011 spending levels possible vote later in the week. live health coverage on c-span. tomorrow on c-span3, a hearing on public employee pensions and state financial problems. our live coverage starts at 4:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. >> we are focused with the threat is. our goal is to protect whatever consumers or employees use. >> monday, cyber security on the communicator's on c-span2. >> not a look at the week ahead for the president and congress. this is just under an hour. "washington journal" continues. host: our sunday round table, welcome back. let's begin with c-pac conference which wrapped up yesterday. coming in first in the non- binding straw poll again this year, texas commerce ron paul getting 30%. what do you read into those numbers? guest: ron paul has proved to be pretty popular. this group -- the tracks c
Feb 20, 2011 9:30pm EST
&a", former defense secretary donald rumsfeld. tomorrow on "washington journal" several guests discussed obama's 2012 budget requests. there is a targeted program for spending cuts with coling, national fuel fund's executive director. pete outline hidden taxes that he believes are hidden in the budget. then, a discussion on how taxes are hidden in the budget with james thurber. >> i asked you to come here this evening so we could immediately hear a person and report from the secretary of state regarding the negotiations going on in europe. >> you can look at this as a historical curiosity. this is a forerunner of today's managed news. >> find out something you did not know about the 43 men that served as president. they are all free online. watch what you want when you want. up next, highlights from question period in the canadian house of commons. they question the prime minister on the questions of the day. cabinet ministers took questions on canada's border security and a task on the canadians travelling to the united states by air and sea. there are questions about whether the canadian gov
Feb 27, 2011 6:30pm EST
obama said he would discover common ground. president obama is showing himself to be the most partisan president in my lifetime, hands down. >> he surprised me. i was anticipating that he would govern a lot like he campaigned, all about a new day in washington, a new kind of dynamic. essentially he said republicans, i won, we are in charge, and you are not invited. it was interesting to see that he did not have any meetings with the house leadership for months and months into his presidency. when he had a meeting on health care, and i remember very vividly when paul ryan, congressman from wisconsin, said mr. president, we have some ideas. he kind of basically dismissed him with "we want, you did that ." -- "we won, you didn't." i saw in him a very different kind of person as president than i had seen, democrat or republican, who when they took the oath of office, understood that there are elevated to a different position than they had been when they were just a candidate. >> so what change? >> i think a lot of it was that he really believed he was on a mission to get his agenda done. i
Feb 13, 2011 6:30pm EST
, it will be possible to shut off any spending to be used this year to a force obama care -- to enforce obama care. those of you know me know that i am not easily satisfied. there is the position i have taken. >> ready? >> solutions waiting for a problem. so in december, when it became clear, when the c.r. was tasked to fund the government, we must not only shut off all funding for obama care for the rest of this fiscal year, but we should follow the model of the fundi that shut off the four -- what shut off the funding for the vietnam war. that is there, and it exists in other scenarios, as well. notwithstanding any other section law, all funds that have been heretofore appropriated, and obama care automatically appropriates as well as of the rises, we can shut those ofcom and if we do not come obama in here will become a growing malignant tumor -- we can shut those off, and if we do not, obama care will become a growing megan touma wrote -- malignant tumor. shutting off all funding that has beenut in the pipeline for the funding of obama care must be done. fight on. if we do not fight on this g
Feb 20, 2011 6:30pm EST
at obama care and the data financial bill, there is a lot of -- d theodd the financial bill. you are going to tell the american people what you are going to do. if you're the president, that sounds like a nice idea and give you the imperial presidency. if you decide to run and if you are elected as president, having that amount of power, having a boss out congress in your hands, is that something you love or something you would hate? >> that is something i would love for the following reason. >> to hold all that power in your hands? >> i would love it. if you get the right president, it's a good thing. if you get the wrong president, it's a bad thing. second, the president's responsibility is to lead. you have a -- you have 535 members of congress. they are not going to put together a strategic plan for america. a strategic plan for america. they are not going to be able to do it. that is why we have the office of the president. secondly, the reason that the founders set it up the way they did was that we needed to have a leader. here is the other big difference between me if i were presid
Feb 27, 2011 9:30pm EST
that obama would find common ground. the president obama has shown themselves to be the most partisan president in my lifetime, hands down. >> he has surprised me. i anticipate he would govern like to campaign. all about a new day in washington, a new kind of dynamic, but we saw through obamacare that he said to republicans, we are in charge. you're not invited. it was interesting to see that he did not have any meetings with house leadership for months into his presidency. when had the meeting on health care, and i remember vividly when paul ryan, the congressman from wisconsin, said, mr. president, we have some ideas. and he basically dismissed him with, look, we won, and you guys to nine. i saw some of the speeches that the head. i remember a labor day speech that was stunning for president. it did not have that type of credit tossup president's speech typically would have. it was the take your coat off and wiped of sweat from your brow type of speech. i saw him as a difference person as president than others to understood that they had been elevated to a different position when th
Feb 7, 2011 12:30am EST
of president obama, many in the region are asking why did obama associate himself so quickly -- dissociate himself so quickly from president mubarak? is it true that a bomb up with bring him closer to the arab masses not hostile to them? in his cairo speech he declared that this was compatible with his policy regarding human rights. engagement and non-violence and resolution of conflict, and the need to spread democratic values. that during his term and with his help, the tyrannical middle east has become a democratic region in american eyes, the justice george bush senior contributed to the fall of the former soviet union. it does not mean -- matter that transition to democracy may take years. the key is that -- dick cheney spoke out today in favor of mubarak, but as you can see here, in this model, the median voter is what we're going have, all levels in the center, even conservatives, see democracy here. he maintained that this week that elbaradei it will become the mubarak of the peace process. this is nonsense. reality shows that this is being navigated between constrained from the ri
Feb 21, 2011 12:30am EST
ministers online. >> tomorrow, several guests discuss president obama's 2012 budget request. first, look at the low come home energy assistance program. then pete sepp and what he describes as in taxes in the budget. then a discussion of how past presidents have dealt with the fiscal budget with james thurber. >> one-quarter of all international internet traffic is basically involved in infringing on other people's intellectual property rights. >> virginia congressman bob goodlatte. >> the c-span network provides coverage of politics, nonfiction books, and american history. it is available for you on television, radio, online, and on social media networking sites. we take c-span on the road with our digital us local content vehicle, britney resourced your community. it is washington your way, the c-span network, now more available in more than 1 million -- more than 100 million homes. up next, highlights from question period in the canadian house of commons. in this 25-minute program, cabinet ministers field questions on canada's border security policy. also, questions on whether the gov
Feb 6, 2011 6:30pm EST
of rage came with the passage of ha obama care -- of obamacare. they stop at nothing to get it passed, not even the constitution. and they sowed the seeds of their defeat last november when the american people rose up and rejected a big government. we don't want it, we can't affo it, so we fired the people that forced upon us. enough is enough. in the state of the union address, the message was sent at the ballot box and it was an historic election. we were just told that the era of big government is here to stay. and you will pay for it whether you want it or not. but they can't sell it to us. so this new version isn't just the state of the great society, it is much worse. it is couched in the language of national greatness. that is their version of american exceptional as them. it is an exceptionally big government. [applause] it declares we shall be great and innovative. but not by individual initiatives. it is the same tax-and-spend policies, but it is borrow, spend, tax. they didn't call led government spending, they call that stimulus. it did not stimulate anything but a tea par
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)